© Emily Angus 2015 About Emily studied at Somerset College (University of Plymouth), achieving a  Bachelor of Arts degree (with honours) in Interior Textile and Surface Design.  During her studies, Emily developed a method of large-scale crocheting, producing a series of large wall hangings, and three- dimensional pieces. Upon graduation, Emily gained further experience with textiles at Vivien Sheriff Millinery where she created fine quality hats and headpieces. Upon completion of her placement at Vivien Sheriff, Emily combined the crochet techniques that she developed at university with her experience of creating high quality hats at Vivien Sheriff, combining the two skills to from Emily Angus Contemporary Textile Jewellery. Each piece of jewellery are delicate, intricate and bespoke. Emily grew up in Plymouth on the border of Devon and Cornwall, and her work is heavily influenced from the coastline and countryside of the area. Emily continues to live in the area, with her workshop now based in West Cornwall, where she is able to use an abundance of inspirational places to influence her new designs and creations.  Contemporary Textile Jewellery Designer “A beautiful piece of Jewellery created especially for you.”